Livestock Equipment


The Osborne-branded line of swine management equipment is marketed and distributed all over the world. Quality and performance have gained strong brand recognition for products like Stanfield® heating pads for farrowing and nursery pigs, Big Wheel® pig feeders, and ACCU-ARM® portable livestock weigh scales. A leader in the use of radio frequency identification (RFID) of individual animals, Osborne develops and markets automated equipment for modern pig farms including the FIRE® (Feed Intake Recording Equipment) pig performance testing system, TEAM® (Total Electronic Animal Management) electronic sow feeding (ESF) system, and the Weight Watcher™ growth management system for finishing pigs.

In 2012, Osborne launched its Single Source Swine Solutions packages for intensive swine operations. Single Source Swine Solutions™ is a complete line of swine management equipment, products, and services that enable customers around the world to rely on Osborne to provide and support their complete needs.

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