Employee owners participate in personal development training

October 4, 2021 – Osborne, Kansas, USA – Over the course of the past five months, 24 employees of Osborne Industries participated in personal development training conducted by Gail Hermesch of Bandura Plus. There were a total of five training sessions the group completed. Session topics included: Communication, Culture, Accountability/Attitude, Change and Generational Diversity.

Implementation of this personal development training resulted from Strategic Planning sessions the Osborne Industries leadership team completed last year. “Investing now in our employees’ personal development and growth will help us identify and develop effective leaders from within the company,” shared Vicki Corbett, Vice President.

In addition to learning about the topics presented, the training also allowed time for employees to become better acquainted with one another and build camaraderie across the various departments. “I appreciate the opportunity to take part in the classes with my fellow co-workers. It has given me the opportunity to learn more about them and express how much I appreciate all they do to help me in the shipping department,” shared Kathy Pacello from the shipping and receiving department.

A diverse group of employees from multiple departments agreed to participate in the classes. During the final session held on September 23, 2021, Melany Dibble, from the assembly department, said, “I was concerned at first about the training taking time away from our job as our team is so busy at the current time, however, the training exceeded my expectations, and it helped us discuss important issues that may not have been discussed otherwise.” Topics covered during group discussions and feedback from training participants will be shared with the leadership team for areas of further development and improvement.


Employees completing the training include: Bill Anderson, Kylie Corwin, Allen DeBey, Melany Dibble, Kathy Dooley, Darlene Earl, Grady Godsey, Blake Grabast, Breck Grabast, Trisha Harding, Joyce Hartsock, Jim Hindman, Mat McNeal, Sam Nipe, Kathy Pacello, Doran Schurr, Dave Slothower, Kevin Standley, Ron Sturgeon, Mike Townley, Perry Waugh, Steve Waugh, Manda Wanner, and Brian Wilson.