Osborne launches new livestock equipment website

June 5, 2023 – Osborne, Kansas, USA – Returning visitors to Osborne Industries’ livestock equipment website are likely to notice a few changes since the launch of a recent redesign.

Although the site looks a little different, it now features a more streamlined approach to giving visitors a user-friendly, straightforward tool for learning about and ordering farming supplies that make raising livestock more efficient and profitable. You’ll find all the same great Osborne products that were available on our previous site, along with a few new ones!

Features of the New Site

Strategic Design

HomepageWe’ve arranged the site to combine the product information with the online store, shortening the path from selection to purchase and letting you get on with the business of managing your livestock farming

We’ve designed the pages to display information and images in ways that make clicking through the site more intuitive and enjoyable. We’ve tailored the content so it’s easier for you to navigate directly to the information you’re looking for.

Pet Products

We have discontinued our pet products site, which left some really great pet supplies in need of a good “forever home.” This new site lets us offer those products here, along with our farming supplies.

Our pet products are supplied to pet owners, of course, but also veterinarians, breeders, animal sanctuaries, zoos and more. We’re happy to support the health and safety of dogs, reptiles, amphibians and other animals.

Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Animal heat pads such as dog heat pads for kennels and reptile heat pads for everything from small terrarium tanks to large outdoor enclosures. Stanfield Heat Pads are famous for temperature reliability, electrical safety and energy efficiency.
  • Mechanical ventilation and negative pressure ventilation Agri-Aide fresh air exchange systems with controlled air circulation are perfect for kennels and other animal boarding facilities.

Agriculture is a modern industry that’s constantly evolving. You can count on Osborne Industries to keep up! Feel free to tour the new site and find your way around. We’re thrilled with it, and we hope you are, too!