ISO 9001: 2015

Osborne’s commitment to quality is next to none. Our team of employee owners continually strives to ensure every product or service we sell meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations. At Osborne, we firmly believe that our products must provide efficient, trouble-free service and stand the test of time. Over our 45+ year history, we have developed the tools and checks necessary to ensure that we are delivering the best quality products to our customers. And because we are 100% employee owned, you can rest assured that every member of our staff will give your project the time and attention you expect and deserve.

For years, Osborne utilized an internal Quality Management System (QMS) that provided the processes in which we inspected and verified the quality of our products. Then, in 2000, we obtained our first ISO certification and became registered to the ISO 9001:1994 standard. From 2000-2009, we continually redefined, strengthened and expanded our ISO 9001 QMS, and in 2009, became certified to the 2008 standard. Then, after 9 years at the 2008 standard, in early 2018, we were approved to advance to the 2015 standard.

Today, our QMS covers management responsibilities, product realization and development, equipment calibration, corrective and preventative actions, document control, product inspections, and internal auditing, just to name a few. Through these processes and procedures we continue to strive toward perfection in the quality of our products and services. Our policy has always aimed at aligning with our mission to promote innovative products that benefit our customers.

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